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It’s a non profit and non political social and human development organisation.

Government Registration No.S 9228

Year of Establishment: 2009

A think-tank and a development organization “Better Bangladesh Foundation -BBF” in collaboration with “BBF global” Host Branding Bangladesh Program in a view to attracting the positive image of Bangladesh locally and globally . As we all know, Bangladesh has earned global reputation in Family Planning, Immunization Programme, Women Empowerment, Agriculture, Primary Education, Health care and Information Technology. Bangladesh’s Disaster Preparedness has been highly appreciated worldwide. It has also proved resilience and know-how in accomplishing Comprehensive Food Security despite huge population. Presently, Bangladesh is the world 2nd largest contributor to United Nations; Peace Keeping Operations, 2nd major exporter in the apparel market, 2nd in global jute production, 3 rd in the global production of fresh water , fish, vegetable, 4 th in rice production, 7 th largest outsourcing industry, 8 th largest labour force and 11 th largest mobile phone users community. After achieving the targets of Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in almost every socio economic indicator, the country is progressing fast towards successful implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Nation Brand enhances trust, credibility, interest and goodwill for nations which are vital to a country’s image and reputation building. And Better Bangladesh Foundation-BBF is broadly engaged in country branding and attracting foreign investment in Bangladesh in collaboration with Bangladesh Investment Development Authority-BIDA.

Activities of Better Bangladesh Foundation (BBF)

1. Job placement and Career Development: Facilitating strategic partnerships with relevant career placement organizations and promoting better linkage between BBF members and employers, both home and abroad.

2. Free Friday clinic: Strengthening the BBF Free Friday Clinics at Dhaka and other part of Bangladesh involvement of BBF volunteers and innovative sourcing of funds and services.

3. Zakat Fund: Setting up a consolidated Zakat fund with donations from able members residing all over the globe, considering the by-laws of Zakat and undertaking specific projects to eliminate poverty through emploment generation livelihood sustenance.

4. R&D Center: Establishing a Research and Development Cell in the structural model of a policy research institute-providing corporate executives, entrepreneurs, retired defence personnel and professionals from home and abroad and professionals from home and abroad the opportunity to engage in nation-building activities.

5. Branding Cell: Creating an independent Branding and Development Cell for implementing action-plans and integrating all other activities of the foundation for increasing publicity of the foundation itself Remarkable achievements of BBF could be published in a quarterly newsletter containing news and events of consequence to the association.

6. Entrepreneurship Club: Establishing an Entrepreneurship Club for exploring initiatives in security, intelligence, IT and education sectors for members post-retirement vocations.

7. Revenue Generating Ventures: Initializing revenue generating projects through management contracts with professionals besides BBF member involvement: (a) International Schools (b) Specialized hospitals (c) IT-related Ventures.

8. Coordinating Regional Platforms: Ensuring that the activities of international platforms representing BBF in individual countries and regions (e.g. the U.S.A., Canada, Europe, Australia etc.) are integrated and properly linked up with their peers.

9. Increased Engagement: Creating an environment to engage more of the talented members residing both home and abroad, in activities of the association. Bringing them into the active fold of BBF could be a source of the association. Bringing them into the active fold of BBF could be a source of inspiration to young members of today and the future.

10. Permanent Site office: Appropriating a portion of land in a suitable location for accommodating a permanent office space and future expansion plans for BBF. In the long run, BBF can make optimum use of its pedigree and human capital when it possesses a space of its own.

11. Harnessing the Power of information Technology: Learning how to make the best use of modern ITC tools through which BBF members can utilize the internet revolution and social media wave in furthering organizational goals and can ensure that we evolve in step with the world.

12. Crisis Response Cell: Forming a Crisis Cell with a delicated fund and Special overseeing board for reducing the effort for individual fundraising during emergencies like illnesses, accidents and dangers. Better Bangladesh Foundation will on more be limited merely to activities on Facebook
and tea sessions in the CCC. Together, let’s take BBF Forward.

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