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We are here not for income, but for outcome

It is our immense pleasure to introduce our Better Bangladesh Foundation (BBF) , one of the leading national research and development organizations for not profit. BBF is registered by the Government of Bangladesh under the joint stock company of Bangladesh since 2009. We have been working in the field of education, health, environment and poverty alleviation, besides that our focus is on Branding Bangladesh and attracting Foreign Investment in Bangladesh. Recently we have laid a foundation stone of Better Bangladesh Foundation Hospital in Barisal and a couple of months back we have organized a program on Branding Bangladesh where we have given Special Awards to Honorable Foreign Minister of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Armed Forces, BGMEA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Red Cross for their outstanding contributions in their respective fields. We know, Bangladesh in many development index achieved remarkable success such as RMG Export, achieving MDG, poverty alleviation, Global Peace keeping operations, agricultural development, pharmaceutical export, ship-building industry, Foreign remittance mobilization and many other fields. we are progressing so rapidly under the great Bangladesh has made tremendous achievements since our Independence and still we aim to keep progressing relentlessly. It is remarkable to mention that the rapidly growing economy has taken Bangladesh into the global forefront. All the while, Bangladesh has managed to impress the world due to development achievements in many of the domestic sectors. Sectors that account for economic prosperity are in the export of Ready Made Garments (RMG), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), poverty alleviation, agricultural revolution as well record breaking foreign exchange remittance and women empowerment, along with significant progress in UN SDG programme. And to highlight the most important achievement so far in the history of our nation, poverty has dramatically been reduced by 40 percent. It is important to mention that the Bangladesh Military has made extra ordinary contribution to the UN peace keeping missions in many countries. Furthermore, RMG textile accounts for 80 percent of the total export earnings and accounts for world’s 3rd largest supplier of apparel markets. In addition, there are some emerging industries which are also responsible for directly equipping and enriching the economy of Bangladesh. Of them are the Pharmaceutical industries, Ship building industries and the supply of skilled and semi skilled human resources into the Middle East Region. And the research and development of Information Communication Technology has skyrocketed Bangladesh towards many economic freedoms. As Bangladesh has collectively achieved significant improvements in these sectors, this is an opportunity to reintroduce and brand Bangladesh globally with better recognition and reputation. As you are aware, these accomplishments have caused Bangladesh to be recognized more and more by the developed world. As well as being an icon to the under-developed nations due to our dedication for rapid growth and strive for economic excellence. Indeed, Better Bangladesh Foundation is working with the purpose of promoting an image of Bangladesh by being involved in a wide range of philanthropic projects addressing to poverty alleviation, illiteracy and healthcare across the countryside and rural areas in order to create a societal balance along with empowering economically vulnerable people through reduction of social inequality. Programmes and effective initiatives with the values held by Branding Bangladesh by Better Bangladesh Foundation will strengthen the economic base, acceleration process and secure new milestone over the long run. We must involve the youth and create the new dimension of youth led leaderships for economic development of our nation. The Youth of a Nation are the trustees of posterity. We, on behalf of BBF, are earnestly expecting your full cooperation and utmost support in taking Bangladesh to another exemplary and extraordinary vision with shared global understanding and partnership for sustainable development. Good luck Bangladesh and Good luck everybody.

“It is our immense pleasure to introduce our Better Bangladesh Foundation (BBF) ,”

Masud A khan

Chairman , Better Bangladesh foundation

BBF Executive Committee

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